What our clients say about Janus Consulting

“Thank you for all the hard work”
Adam Clowes, COO Dogs Trust

Thank you for all the hard work …….. it gives me/us the platform to move forward and I think that it would have taken me about 2 years to get to that level of analysis alongside my day job!

“very professional and easy to communicate with”
Pet station Cardiff

Was recommended to Gavin, from the start he was very professional and easy to communicate with. He was full of knowledge and clearly experienced in this field. He aided and reassured us throughout the whole process of transforming into a veterinary centre. We would have been lost without him and his impeccable support which we have really appreciated.

“Invaluable advice”
Victoria, Miracle's Mission

Gavin has provided our charity with so much invaluable advice which has allowed us to determine the type of care needed for a number of animals that have come into our rescue. With his expertise we have been able to understand cases in more depth and know what course of action is likely to be taken and we have therefore been able to fundraise and plan accordingly. His thorough analysis of cases has saved our charity lots of time and money and given our animals a much better outcome and for that we are extremely grateful. Gavin is clearly very dedicated and passionate about helping animals in need.

“Priceless in identifying openings”
Adrian Endacott, CEO NAQUA Pharmaceuticals

Gavin’s expert knowledge of the Veterinary pharmaceutical sector was priceless in identifying openings we could exploit by developing our own drugs, whilst his frontline industry experience identified the best routes to market.

“An invaluable resource in the development of our company”
Scott Ritchie, SnackatFranks

We approached Janus Consulting to advise on a strategic analysis of the Pet treat market in the UK & Europe markets to inform us how best to position our new online Dog Treats brand, Snackatfranks.com. Dr. Gavin McCoubrey engaged with us and quickly was able to articulate the challenges we faced utilising his expert industry knowledge. He went into great detail on the nutritional elements of the market place and became an invaluable resource in the development of our company. He provided not just veterinary advice but also understood the importance of developing long term strategy and a robust business plan to deliver long term goals.

“…instrumental to the charity’s success”
Micheal Waugh
Founder and CEO Pennine Pen Animal Charity

Sad to see Gavin go but know he will be a credit to any veterinary establishment lucky enough to have him.

“Always available for advice”
S Cheetham General Manager, Trustees Millstream, Millstream Animal Shelter

“Has been a pleasure to work with Gavin and we were very sorry when he left.”

“…pulled out all the stops to help”
Dr Eamon Donnelly BVSc MRCVS, Parkland vets
“…an experienced, determined and resourceful professional”
Dr Simon Brazier BVSc MRCVS, Towy Vets