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We at Janus Veterinary Consultancy offer a full practice health check with or without a practice valuation.

Such a service is vital for preparation to sell, for management and planning, or for practice ownership changes.

Preparation to Sell your Practice

I would recommend a practice valuation three to five years before you actually plan to sell your practice. Such a valuation gives you a baseline value, ultimately highlighting areas that we can address enabling adjustments to be made over time that will increase value before we bring it to market.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

Peter Drucker – American Business consultant

Practice management and planning

A practice health check provides a foundation for veterinary practice management and strategy planning.

By evaluating external and internal risks alongside practice profitability, as a management tool it is essential for exit strategy planning, monitoring long-range strategic plans and as an indicator of the practice’s ability to create added value.

Practice ownership changes

The practice appraisal provides a valuation for a practice at a specific point in time. It is vital for any type of transfer of ownership, such as associate/ partnership buy in, mergers or practice sale.

Other non-asset transferring reasons for evaluating a practice may be legal requirements such as marital law, partnership dissolution or tax disputes.