On-set Animal Welfare Expert & Consultancy

While there are no legal requirements as yet regarding on-set animal welfare for performing animals, there are robust guidelines in place that must be adhered to for both the safety and wellbeing of the animal(s) and crew, as well as the integrity of the shoot.

Janus provides animal welfare expert knowledge, advice, support, and care (as dictated by the Animal Welfare Act 2006).

Following good animal welfare practice reduces risks for any production, protects the animals, and helps those handling the animals to stay within the welfare guidelines.

With 27 years of veterinary experience we can offer a holistic package of care and independent welfare advice. We ensure that the correct welfare is in place, as well as appropriate health and safety, and stringent biosecurity measures for all concerned.

We can assist with all relevant paperwork, legislation and, on request, provide reports accepted by CLEARCAST.

We’re happy to provide our expertise at any stage of the process but, ideally for you, it would begin in pre-production.

During production, we help protect animal welfare and ensure that there is clear concise communication between trainers/providers, all production crew, and members of the public.

In post-production, we can help address any welfare concerns raised.

Call us and we’ll give you all the information you need.

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