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Even those practices that are successful at present need to utilise this time afforded by such stability, to build up those resources, reserves and capabilities, to weather or even thrive in the face of economic downturn or enhanced competition. This has never been more important as our industry undergoes its consolidation life cycle.

In business, nobody can guarantee you a smooth road. But by resting on laurels and avoiding issues, it’s easy to make the road rougher than is necessary. Don’t wait for those little problems to grow large. It is imperative to take care of them promptly.

“The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining”

John F. Kennedy

It’s all about the plan

We at Janus Veterinary Business Consultancy recognise that all practices vary widely in their size, capacity for growth, independence of action, differing organisational structures and varied management styles.

But one thing they do share, for continued success, is the need to strategically position themselves. To achieve a sustainable competitive advantage, they need to preserve what is distinctive, offering different services from the competition or performing similar services in different ways.

We will look to deploy your resources within your environment to help satisfy your long term goals. We will organise your business to implement this strategy, ensuring your business consolidation.

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